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Chemical / Hazardous Warehousing in Chicago

Posted on Tue, Jun 15, 2010 @ 13:47 PM

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Do not make the mistake in thinking that just because you may deal in hazardous waste once in a while that you will not be responsible for everything that is involved in storing, transporting, or eliminated the hazardous waste in the proper manner. Hazmat warehousing could include the materials that are flammable or deadly gasses. It would be wise to prepare properly for the maintenance of hazardous materials or allow warehousing facilities that are properly equipped to manage the material.

Hazmat compliance requires adherence to the proper OSHA requirements, training, department of transportation DOT shipping regulations, compliance, and material safety data sheets (MSDS) displayed in proper locations, training, and reporting. The MSDS alone is an enormous data sheet that includes all the chemicals that could be located in a warehouse. Each chemical is broken down into its basic elements, the effects on the human body and environment, and the proper method of treatment in case of exposure and injury.

Warehouses that specifically deal with chemicals are required to have specific fire resistant walls, explosion proof appliances, special industrial chillers, flame and heat detectors, chemical resistant coated surfaces, special mixing rooms, and fire rated cold rooms. This is just to name a few requirements.

Non-compliance to federal and state regulations could mean heavy fines, potential injury, and illness to workers.

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