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Hauling Overweight Drayage Containers in Chicago

Posted on Mon, Jan 05, 2015 @ 13:37 PM


TRN Tranportation offers a wide range of services that aims to provide the best possible service to its customers.  TRN offers International and Domestic, Import and Export drayage to and from customers within a 250 mile radius of Chicago.  TRN specializes in hauling overweight containers that help customers maximize their payload.  

The State of Illinois G.V.W. (Gross Vehicle Weight) is 80,000 lbs.  G.V.W. means the weight of the container, cargo, and tractor cannot exceed 80,000 lbs.  TRN is able to secure special overweight permit to allow G.V.W. of 100,000 lbs in the State of Illinois.  Which means our customers are able to import and export 40' containers weighing 45,000 - 57,000 lbs.  TRN also provides Tri-Axle chassis in order to legally haul your overweight 20' container.  

** To Mazimize Your Payload - Call TRN Tranportation to Move Your Overweight Containers In and Around the Chicago Land Area 708-547-7676**   

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