Chicago Warehouses with Railroad Access

Neill Cartage and Warehouse offers customers the opportunity to reduce costs and increase efficiencies and flexibility within their supply chain through rail served warehouses.  Moving freight long distances via rail can be a very economical and efficient form of transportation, especially for heavier freight. Neill operates rail-served warehouse facilities in Chicago, Illinois with direct rail access to the  Union Pacific Rail Road (UP), The Belt Railway Company of Chicago (BRC), and the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad (IHB).  Freight from inbound railcars can be transloaded into containers for overseas shipping, or into trucks for domestic delivery. If you need to ship your freight via rail, but are not rail served at your own facility, we can consolidate truckload shipments at one of our facilities and then ship outbound via our rail-served warehouse.

Take advantage of the economic savings our network offers.  Incorporating a warehouse into your supply chain can bring many benefits to your business.

  • Reduce your shipping costs: Typically one rail car transports the same volume as 3 to 4 trucks.
  • Reduce your delivery lead times: By forward positioning your inventory, your product is closer to the desired end market.
  • Leverage a warehouse’s operating experience: Select a warehouse that has years of experience in handling your product.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint: By converting from truck to rail you are helping the environment.

UP, BRC, IHB Rail Track & Yards

  • The Berkeley Facility is located in the Union Pacific Proviso's Global II Rail Yard.  Yard 04 Track 705
  • The Bedford Park Facility is located on The Belt Railway Company of Chicago's Clearing Yard. Track 656
  • The Alsip Facility is located on the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad.