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Posted on Thu, Aug 23, 2012 @ 10:14 AM

Public warehousing removes certain aspects of your supply chain management, and outsources them to a professional in the industry.  When you choose public warehousing your goods and items will be storaged off-site.  They can be repackaged, labeled, and shipped all without you having to manage these process.  This can free you and your business up to focus on producing great products, innovating marketing, and taking care of your customers.

There are many benefits associated with choosing public warehousing that you should consider as you make your choice about how to handle the storage and distribution of your goods.

- Your goods and materials can be stored off-site in a public warehouse.  By doing so, you avoid the need to purchase and maintain the space where your goods are kept.

- With public warehousing you enjoy a great deal of flexibility.  You will only pay for the space that is needed and used.

- Your company saves money.  You go from a fixed cost to a variable cost.  Spending money only on warehouse space that is being utilized.

- You are able to utilize the warehouse’s labor force.  With flexibility in the shared warehouse labor your organization will increased profitability.

- You may also take advantage of the shipping discounts some public warehouses can provide.

Because of the many benefits of public warehousing, it is no wonder that more companies than ever before are looking into this option and consider making use of public warehousing for their storage, transportation and distribution needs. Finding a flexible public warehousing provider will create seamless supply chain solutions for you and your customers.


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