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Public Warehouses Act as 3PL

Posted on Mon, Dec 20, 2010 @ 11:02 AM

Chicago Public WarehouseNeill Cartage and Warehouse is Chicago's premier full service logistics, warehousing, and distribution company.  Servicing the Midwest since 1946. 

Neill Cartage and other public warehouses act as 3rd party logistics locations (3PL) for companies who desire to outsource their storage, transportation, and other related job function. These 3PL's put the concerns and or welfare of several companies under one roof.  Managed by a trained and skilled staff that makes each of the companies that they serve a priority, with the customers of these companies being their major concern. Advanced technology helps the trained associates keep an accurate account of each and every company’s inventory.  The job of labeling, packing, shipping and distributing together with the task of taking inventory on a regular basis makes a public warehouse’s job a very important. It serves as the link between the supplier and the customers.

3PL facilities operate on different levels of expertise, depending upon the contract terms, types of clients involved, and customer requirements, among other facets that might possibly act as variants.  There are various types of 3PL, however public warehouses fall under the standard 3 PL type. In a standard facility, logistics is not the central focus. The function of storage is the main concern with the other supply chain elements secondary to the storage components.  The goal of the 3PL is to safely store all goods, while at the same time tracking their present and future inventory levels. This difficult and timely task helps to alleviate the stress from the company’s executives who already have enough on their plates.

In brief, a 3PL is a facility that is committed to serving several companies at one location, thus specializing in their needed steps from storage to distribution. In other words, a 3PL interacts with the participating parties to ensure successful end results.


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Outsourced Warehousing is Ideal for Growing Businesses

Posted on Fri, Dec 03, 2010 @ 07:49 AM

Chicago Public WarehouseNeill Cartage and Warehouse is Chicago's premier full service logistics, warehousing, and distribution company.  Servicing the Midwest since 1946. 

Outsourced warehousing and third party logistics is ideal for growing businesses. Businesses, such as small and medium enterprises, need a streamlined system to take advantage of e-commerce activity and distribution.

In today's digital world, e-commerce is easily accessible and within the reach of most companies. A well-designed site and marketing campaign may drive sales but, the real test of any company is the delivery of products to consumers in a timely and efficient manner. Small businesses need to focus on how they can get the sold goods to the paying customer without causing a bottleneck in the process; outsourced warehousing is the ideal option. Start up businesses might lack the knowledge of logistics and transport which will cause the order flow to fall behind and unhappy customers.

Fulfilment warehouses since as Neill Cartage and Warehouse can help these small businesses with order fulfilment ensuring that their order processes are seamless. Outsourcing the logistics, storage, transport, and stock control allows the businesses to focus on developing the marketing of their products, which will inevitably lead to more sales and more shipping.

For small and medium enterprises, outsourced warehousing is really the way to go. The businesses will have limited manpower and shipping knowledge, which can slow the order processes and lead to customer service nightmares. Fulfilment warehouses can sort out the process from initial order to pick and pack to delivery of goods.

Looking to outsourced warehousing for shipping needs is an effective business strategy for growing businesses. Public Warehouse can provide their expertise in shipping to other countries saving the small businesses time in paperwork that accompanies customs and export of goods. This will also save the new business money in salaries for employees that might not be needed all of the time.

If you are looking to warehouse in the Midwest region of the United States, you can count on Neill to get you moving in the right direction!


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