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Warehousing Order Fulfillment - Chicago

Posted on Thu, Sep 23, 2010 @ 07:25 AM

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Order fulfillment is the process of fulfilling an order, and can include everything from delivery to distribution. It’s an act that major companies rely on third party logistics services in order to save money, time, and increase their business efficiency.

Supply and demand can be a cruel game for business owners. It is part of the made-to-stock logistics chain that demands a forecast of demand be made to determine what the supply should be. If a forecast of paper demand is high, then the supply should also be high so that there is enough of the paper to allow everyone to buy it. It’s a balancing act that is hard to manage, but can be done properly through outsourcing the a third party logistics service that has experience.

Order processing is sometimes referenced as broad type of order fulfillment as well. Order processing doesn’t just cover finding products in a warehouse and shipping them out; it also includes stocking the warehouse and knowing where inventory is at all times. It also includes the ability to forecast need of further inventory in the future, so you'll always be ready for future orders.

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