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Chicago Cross Docking and Transloading Warehouse

Posted on Wed, Jul 28, 2010 @ 09:21 AM

Chicago Public Warehouse can act as a temporary holding point, awaiting loading and shipment onto the final customer destination. The public warehouse will establish a price that includes temporary public warehousing space and the handling needed to receive and ship the product. Public warehousing storage charges may apply if the goods are not released for shipment within the agreed to free time included in the crossdocking or transloading rates.

Neill Cartage and Warehouse offers cross docking services to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Neill offers cross docking from:

  • Truck to Rail

  • Rail to truck

  • Container to Rail

  • Container to Truck

  • Value-added storage services such as packaging, assembly, case-picking, sorting, re-packaging, labeling, collating, kitting and processing.


Public Warehouse in Chicago

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