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Warehouses in Chicago - Using Technology

Posted on Wed, May 12, 2010 @ 13:35 PM

If you can't keep up with today's technology and growth you will not last very long in this economy; it is very demanding for everyone. Each company demands so much from the next and the next right on down the line to where it literally forces each business to move forward and improve their existing ways. In order to provide excellent service and stay ahead of the competition.  Take warehousing for example; instead of just renting or buying out a large building and storing boxes you must have some state of the art equipment to run a profitable company.  Warehousing is a very large industry, if you have a company that made a house hold item that was widely distributed to all of the major department stores but you were based in Chicago you would more than likely choose a local Chicago Public Warehouse to handle warehousing and distribution.  This would free up space at your planet, and also keep traffic down from pick-ups and delivers.

The average warehouse has very high ceilings; along with many shelving units and maintain high quality storage facilities; some provide a repacking service with shrink wrap which is very important keeping items from damage or freshness. The service needs to be efficiently run to ensure the products safety including keeping items cold or frozen; which require special refrigerated departments. And with that they would also need back-up generators in case a loss of power, these things are very important; considering damages could be in the millions.

Inventory is also important to consider and losing a company's product is not very professional; many warehouse use computerized inventory to ensure quality storage. In this time and age even a warehouse facility should provide unique needs for the consumer's demands which can actually be very extensive; but if you cannot provide what they are looking for in a service then they will go somewhere else for their needs.

Having a door to door service is excellent public relations even having a direct store delivery arranged; you need to make your customer happy with the services you provide. Pick up their merchandise right from the factory and delivering directly to the warehouse, track all of the inventory instantly, package and shrink wrap all of their products. Then when it comes time from delivery to the final destination whether it be a department store or a restaurant it will be delivered right from you and they know that they can depend on your services no matter what it is.

So all in all you know what your customers needs are and it is your responsibility to provide quality service to them with state of the art technology and excellent security to protect the consumer's interest and products. Public Warehouses and logistic divisions are a good way to protect and store any product and deliver them in a timely manner.

Lisa Acker recently stored the overstock from her store/planet in a Chicago Public Warehouse. He used a Chicago 3PL warehouse to package and distribute his merchandise to the various vendors through out the Midwest.

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