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Chicago Third Party Logistics - 3PL

Posted on Thu, Apr 29, 2010 @ 08:01 AM

Many companies are deviating from having their own warehouses and transportation services to that of contracting with various fulfillment services such as Neill Cartage & Warhouse. The use of third party logistics, or 3PL, means a substantial cost savings to companies who would ordinarily have to lease or otherwise contract these services. For the small company who lacks space for building a warehouse, with room for a fleet of trucks, the cost can be prohibitive. For companies who have the space, but don't currently have warehouse or transportation services, the capital expenditure may not be within the scope of their current budget allowance.

For many companies, contracting with a fulfillment services company is easier and cheaper than doing the work themselves. After all, they don't have to worry about storage, transportation, or distribution of the material. With a phone call to the 3PL company, they arrange for the material to be shipped to their customer or they pre-arrange a schedule for a specified amount of product to be released to the customer on certain days of the week or month. They don't even have to call a trucking company, since most fulfillment services companies have their own fleet of trucks for transportation of goods. It takes the responsibility off the company, and they can concentrate on producing more product.


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