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Benefits of Third Party Logistics in Chicago

Posted on Tue, May 18, 2010 @ 11:18 AM

Good business people are always looking for ways to save money, while also maintaining good quality products and services. Also, many companies, in an attempt to save money, are outsourcing anything they can to other companies. For example, a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) firm could help a business that is unfamiliar with the city find a Public Warehouse for their products they may want to ship to the area. There are many benefits to outsourcing the logistics part of supply chain management. Below is a list of ways companies can and have benefited from using these third party companies to handle their logistics issues:

1. The companies have saved a lot of money by switching to a third party logistics firm. The cost effectiveness comes in with the money companies save in terms of labor. By a hiring a firm, you do not have to pay your own employees to do the logistics part of the supply chain. Considering labor is the most expensive part of a business, this is really where a lot of savings can be made, since most warehouses do not charge as much as it would to hire a team of logistics people to work for your company.

2. When you use a third party logistics team that is located in the city where you will be storing or sending products or both you get the advantage the third party company has of their knowledge of the area. Usually, third party logistics companies can get really good rates on storage for products, since they know the area and who to go to.

3. Finally, third party logistics companies can customize their services to your business's needs. Sometimes it can be hard for a logistics team that works for your company to have the resources to meet all of the requirements that come down from management. When you outsource this work, the third party wants to please their clients, so they will have better resources to meet most, if not all, of the requirements of management. For example, if your company wants to keep their products fresh, then a third party company would be able to negotiate with airlines to ship the products to the best location possible.

If you or your company is considering any kind of outsourcing, it is obviously, important to do all of the necessary research first. A company can only save money through outsourcing if the third party keeps the standards of their clients and if they keep their clients happy. If you choose a third party firm and you are unhappy with their work, do not be afraid to tell them so, and if the problem is not solved you should do something different. When the wrong third party firm is chosen, it can cost the company countless amounts of money, so it is important to get it right the first time. When done properly, third-party logistics firms can really help a company with saving money and by giving valuable resources to their clients.




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